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I am writing to thank you and the entire New Generations staff for providing such a fun, loving, caring and safe day program for my daughter, Anna Kearns. And also for our other residents from PADD who are able to participate in Gary’s Gang at New Generations.

Anna enjoys all the activities. Snow cones, the hot dog truck, the movies, the crafts, going out to eat and the community trips…it is just a wonderful place for her to be. She enjoys the interaction with all the participants. Another nice thing is that she has several “old friends” from Hartsville that she has reconnected with.

My wife and I enjoy keeping up with her activities and always ask her about her day and what she did. As parents, it is a blessing to know that Anna is enjoying her life. We need more places like New Generations. Wishing you all the best, and thank you.

Bob Kearns, Parent

Our son, Daniel, is a non-verbal 25-year-old that has been attending New Generations Day Center for 4 years. Because of his inability to communicate verbally, we have watched his behavior in situations to see if he is happy or uneasy. We only see happy. When he knows it is time to go to the center, he is ready and at the door. There is no hesitation getting him into the center with a smile and he has a smile when we arrive to pick him up. The group for his age is called “Gary’s Gang.” That gang sure stays active and having fun. I attribute this to the administration and staff.

It is safe, clean and a fun place for Daniel. We would not want him anywhere else.

Daniel’s parents,

Randy and Janet Elvington

Jessica was sharing with me how much fun she had yesterday. She was laughing & giggling about not having socks for the bowling shoes and how awkward it was. Nonetheless she enjoyed herself. Thank you for bringing joy to her life.

6-10-15 Bowling Outing

My daughter, Sarah, has been attending New Generations Adult Daycare Center since she graduated high school in 2004. I, of course, visited other centers before making my decision as to where and with whom, Sarah would be spending the majority of her day with. At the time, NGADC was located in an old building on Irby Street. I had already visited one other place, with a fairly good showing, but when I walked into New Generations, I could feel warmth and a special spirit. Mind you, the building was NOT as impressive as the other I visited, but the feelings I got when I talked with Karen and the staff made me want my child to be there. I knew from the beginning that they would take a personal interest in her and care for her as I hoped.

Sarah was one of the first young adults to go there, but since then, many of her former schoolmates and friends have come. “Gary’s Gang” has been a wonderful setting for her. And with the new building and a whole area for “Gary’s Gang”, it has been a super program! They go on field trips to shopping, bowling, farmer’s market, the fair, Special Olympics and other activities that the group may be interested in. They do crafts and have learning activities-a lot like what they did in school. The staff who are there are the Best!

Sarah always enjoys getting up in the morning and going to Day Care. When we go out of town for family vacations or miss for other reasons, she is always ready to get back. It is her home away from home, and I am so grateful for this extended family! Thank you New Generations!!”


Terrea Harvey

“Christine has been attending New Generations for three years. Since she has been in this program she has come a long way. When Christine finished South Florence I decided to put her at New Generations.

Since Christine has been at New Generations she has really blossomed. She really looks forward to going there every day. The staff at New Generations keeps all of the clients busy and interested in everything they do. They take them shopping, bowling, movies, to the Farmer’s Market and much more.”

Robbin Clover


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