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Sensory Room for Autism

Sensory Room for Autism

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Some of the most challenging aspects associated with autism are difficulties with sensory integration. Something like a fluorescent light or quiet conversation nearby can feel distressing and overwhelming to certain individuals. Sensory rooms are quickly becoming one of the most effective ways of addressing this difficulty. At New Generations our Gary’s Gang Program grants participants access to a sensory room for autism where your loved one has a safe environment to decompress and desensitize.

How Does a Sensory Room Work?

Individuals with autism often have sensory integration difficulties which occur when their brain struggles to properly regulate information it gets from the nervous system. When a person becomes overwhelmed, they may rock, hum, bite their nails, or do other stimming behavior to try to moderate the level of sensations their brain is receiving. A sensory room takes the place of this behavior. It engages senses of sight, sound, touch, and more to help a person better deal with stimulation.

As part of the Gary’s Gang program at New Generations, we have a spacious sensory room for participants to enjoy. We have low lighting augmented with string lights and kaleidoscope lamps to provide visual stimulation. The oil diffusers provide a calming scent while light music helps with relaxation. Our room is filled with a lot of interesting textures, like silky and fluffy pillows, to provide tactile stimulation options.

Sensory Room Florence SC

A sensory room for autism’s most basic function is to help calm someone down. We often find that our clients who are feeling overwhelmed retreat to the sensory room to relax. However, that is not its only function. Multiple studies have shown that sensory rooms have many other benefits. By helping people with autism better integrate their senses, a sensory room may be able to provide these advantages:

  • Reduce hyperactivity and distraction
  • Improve focus
  • Increase mental alertness
  • Encourage socialization
  • Promote creativity
  • Reduce depression

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New Generations is the only adult day care service in the Florence area that provides a sensory room for our clients with autism. Whether your loved one is in the sensory room, going on a field trip, or snacking in our cafeteria, New Generations offers a safe and engaging environment where they can learn and grow. Contact us today to find out more about our individualized special needs programs.