Mental Retardation

Intellectual Disabilities and Related Disabilities

Intellectual Disabilities, also called Intellectual Development Disorder (IDD) or Mental Retardation (MR), is a neuro-developmental disorder accompanied by greatly impaired intellectual and adaptive functioning.  Intellectual disability affects roughly 2-3% of the general population and of that population, 75-90% of those individuals have mild intellectual disability.  About 25% of these cases are caused by genetic disorder.

Signs and symptoms of intellectual disability are delays in language development, deficient memory skills, difficulty learning social skills, and difficulty with problem solving. The effects of this disorder vary with every individual, and we at New Generations understand this.

How We Can Help

Our Gary’s Gang program is perfect for individuals with all levels of intellectual disabilities. We have a variety of staff members who are fully trained to work with adults of any age and any comprehension. When there are people who understand how to interact and care for those with a specific disability, it makes learning that much more fun.

Person-Centered Planning

Because of these difficulties, New Generations utilizes a mental retardation care plan that’s person-centered. This plan encourages looking at the person as someone with capabilities and gifts as well as having support needs. This plan also addresses societal labels and ways to deal with them.


We know that individuals with intellectual disabilities may have a difficult time socializing with others. Many individuals experience anxiety, shyness, frustration, sadness, and a lack of self-confidence, which makes it hard to open up and be comfortable with others. As part of our mental retardation care, we teach our Gary’s Gang members how to address self-issues and how to interact with others more easily.



At New Generations our staff provides the encouragement to work through the difficulties and deficiencies these individuals have. Our compassionate approach includes inspiration and support that can help our members reach their goals and dreams. We also assist with language skills to make regular interaction simpler and clearer.



At New Generations, we’re all about love, and the place it shows most is in Gary’s Gang. From our staff members to our intellectually disabled individuals, we’ve created a community that is caring, accepting, loving, and warm. We pay close attention to our members and offer one-on-one care when it’s needed, but mostly, we love to have fun and enjoy life.


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