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Autism Care Services

Autism Care Services

Structured Adult Autism Day Care Program

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) affects nearly every aspect of a person’s development, particularly their cognitive, social, and emotional functions. The effects of autism vary from each person; some struggle to regulate and express their feelings while others are nonverbal and easily overstimulated by their environment. Repetitive motions, behaviors, and speech are common features that people across the autism spectrum experience, but it’s impossible to group two people with the disorder into the same bracket. New Generations recognizes the individuality of autism, and we strive to provide care that is personalized and attuned to every one of our attendee’s needs. Our autism care program, Gary’s Gang, gives each person an opportunity to socialize and enjoy fun activities.

We offer person-centered care plans which are adjusted to each individual’s physical and mental health. They can even include medication management and special diets if necessary. Individuals with autism frequently have gastrointestinal (GI) disorders, sleep problems, seizures, and intellectual or mental health challenges. New Generations has created a space that is welcoming to everyone, and our staff members are trained to care for people on every level of the spectrum.

What is Autism Care?

Autism care is a little different for every person and every family. We want to provide a level of care that reflects the dynamism of the disorder while giving you and your loved one the structure they need. Many people with mild to moderate autism still need assistance in their daily lives so we scale our level of care up or down to match their abilities and meet their needs.

Our autism care program is a supportive, welcoming space that includes some special features to enhance our ability to connect with our guests who have ASD and other disorders that affect their communication.


We work closely with you to understand how your loved one communicates. There are so many behaviors and tells you already know that we are eager to learn. In addition to always evolving our understanding of our guests, we also utilize a variety of techniques, including flash cards, sign language, and pictures, to improve our communication. We never want anyone who comes to New Generations to struggle to be heard. It’s our goal to provide an autism care program that hears their voice, even when it’s unspoken.


Structure is a fundamental component of quality autism care. Your loved one will have a routine they can follow that helps alleviate anxiety and decrease the likelihood of outbursts. We keep our autism care programs fun yet predictable enough to be familiar and comforting. Snack time, educational activities, a dance party, and socialization time make a well-rounded day that your loved one can look forward to.

Love and Compassion

Gary’s Gang is our special needs group that gives adults with autism and other developmental disabilities a place to make friends. We celebrate each other’s differences, learn from one another, and always greet each day with a smile. Living with special needs can be extremely isolating for an adult, and Gary’s Gang gives everybody a place to find friends and feel loved for exactly who they are.

The world tends to look at people with autism and other developmental disorders and only see their diagnosis; we see a whole person with a rich personality and interesting life story that we are honored to be a part of.

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Autism Care Sensory Room

Autism Sensory Room

Sensory processing difficulties affect many people with autism, and they are often highly sensitive to visual, tactile, and auditory stimuli. When they feel overstimulated, a person with autism can experience serious mental distress and behavioral disturbances. Our sensory room is designed to promote peace and calmness while encouraging engagement with the five senses.

We offer a space that helps our ASD friends self-soothe and reduce their stemming tendencies. Oil diffusers, soft, low lighting, calm music, and gentle textures are all incorporated to bring a sense of calm and restore balance. Of course, our staff is always on stand-by, carefully observing each person in the sensory room to ensure they’re feeling better and offering encouragement and reassurance as needed.

Benefits of an Autism Sensory Room

  • Calming Space to Desensitize
  • Improve Focus
  • Increase Alertness
  • Promote Creativity
  • Reduce Depression

About Gary’s Gang Special Needs Program

Gary’s Gang is named after the late son of our founder who also had autism. In 2007, we started admitting special needs adults into our program because we recognized how important it was for them to receive personalized care while still having the opportunity to enjoy life like everyone else. In our autism care programs in Florence and Marion, South Carolina, facilities, Gary’s Gang brings structure, excitement, and joy into the lives of our beloved guests and their families. Together, we laugh, play, learn, and enjoy life through a variety of activities, including:

  • Supervised outings to the mall and bowling alley
  • The annual county fair
  • A trip to McLeod Farm during the fall for fun Halloween activities like pumpkin picking and hayrides
  • Monthly themed events like a Hawaiian luau
  • Karaoke and talent shows

Why Choose New Generations Autism Care Programs?

We are all about having fun and living life to the fullest at New Generations. For our guests, that means providing an environment and services tailored to meet their unique needs. As a caretaker, entrusting someone else with your loved one’s care can be one of the hardest things you ever do. While there will always be a bit of anxiety when you first send your loved one to an adult day care, you can rest assured that New Generation is the safest place for your loved one to be. Some of the ways we provide the highest quality autism care to our members and their families include:

  • Three staff nurses who are always there for medical needs
  • A behavioral specialist on-staff
  • Trained staff caretakers who understand special needs, mental health and medical disorders
  • Continued education for all our staff
  • A USDA-approved, nutritious meal and two healthy snacks each day; we also accommodate any dietary restrictions and food allergies
  • Daily reports sent home with your loved one

New Generations is meant to be accessible and convenient for you and your loved one; in addition to flexible scheduling, we also provide complimentary transportation services in wheelchair-accessible vans to our Florence and Marion, SC, locations. You can select a schedule that works best for you and your family whether that means visiting us every day or just once a week.

Contact New Generations today to learn more about our autism care program. We can arrange an appointment to tour one of our facilities and set up a free trial day for you and your loved one to experience our program firsthand.

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