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Day Programs for Adults with Autism

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex disorder that affects brain development. On average, one out of every 34 boys and one out of every 144 girls is diagnosed with Autism in America. At New Generations, we found it instrumental for us to offer day programs for adults with Autism at both our Florence and Marion, South Carolina locations. Please make sure to contact us for more information on how we can help your loved one or to enroll.

The effects of both Autism and ASD vary from individual to individual. While some have difficulty with social interactions, others struggle with verbal/nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors. Some may have difficulties with motor coordination and attention span while others may have physical health issues such as sleep and gastrointestinal disorders. We understand that each case is unique and that every individual will require a different kind of Autism care than another. That’s where our person centered care plans come in.

Day Programs for Adults with Autism

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Experience the New Generations Difference

If you are searching for a day care program for your loved one with Autism, New Generations is one of the leading providers for special needs day care in South Carolina. We believe that life with Autism does not have to be any less rewarding or fulfilling. That is why we have developed a specialized approach for caring for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder at our locations in Florence and Marion, SC. When you choose New Generations, you can rest assured that your loved one is receiving the best possible care through a wide range of benefits. Our day programs for adults with Autism include:

  • An initial consultation to build your loved one’s Person Centered Care Plan
  • Year-round pick-up and drop-off services to and from your home
  • Registered nurses on-site at all times for medical care and emergencies
  • One daily USDA-approved meal and snacks that meet any special dietary needs
  • Communication reports sent home each day with your loved one
  • Ongoing training and continued education courses for all New Generations staff
  • Flexible schedules with daily hours Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM

The Help Your Loved One Needs

What Sets Our Day Programs for Adults with Autism Apart?

Here at New Generations, our Gary’s Gang staff members have each completed in-depth training courses that specialize in disorders like Autism. These courses allow them to gain a better understanding of both Autistic individuals and how to care for them.

Open Lines of Communication

At New Generations day programs for adults with Autism, we have a very successful way of addressing the communication issues associated with Autism. We utilize techniques such as pictures, flash cards, and sign language to help bridge the communication gap and we often get to know an individual so well that we can actually anticipate their needs.

We also keep an open line of communication with each individual’s parents or guardians so that we can better understand their behaviors and offer the appropriate Autism care.

Fun Structure Filled Days

We have found that Autistic individuals do well when they stay on a structured schedule, so we complete daily activities on a regular basis to provide a calm environment. Each day, our activities include things like snack time, socialization time, an educational activity, dance party time, and quiet time. This structure helps to prevent destructive behaviors or outbursts.

Loving Environment

At New Generations, we’re all about love, and the place it shows most is in Gary’s Gang. From our staff members to our attendees, we’ve created a community that is caring, accepting, loving, and warm. We pay close attention to our members and offer one-on-one care when it’s needed, but mostly, we love to have fun and enjoy life.

Healthy Meals & Snacks

We recognize the importance of diet and nutrition in health, and we respect each person’s tastes, preferences and unique needs. Each day, we serve one USDA-approved lunch and two healthy snacks. In addition, our diet plans include regular exercise to promote the highest possible level of physical health and wellness. We can accommodate individuals who have food allergies and dietary restrictions.

Affordable Daytime Care

The cost of adult day care can be extremely expensive, but we do not want finances to be a barrier for high-quality care. All of our day programs for adults with Autism are designed to be as affordable as possible. We are proud to the most affordable yet highest caliber care in the area.

Our Day Programs for Adults with Autism Starts With Individual Person Centered Care Plans

Person Centered Care Plans are at the heart of the New Generations care model. We get to know each of our attendees on an individual basis, and our plans do far more than just provide for their basic needs. Each plan is meant to empower the individual by promoting independence and freedom of choice. We work with them and their caretakers to build a schedule and care plan that respects their needs, honors their limitations and creates opportunity to grow.

Ultimately, the goal of our Person Centered Care Plans is to provide unmatched care for the patient while bringing total peace of mind to you, their caretaker. These plans receive ongoing review as well to modify whenever the need arises.

Autism Sensory Room Benefits

Benefits of an Autism Sensory Room

Individuals with Autism or with Autistic tendencies can benefit from spending time in a multi-sensory environment. Our Autism sensory room is a special room with low lighting, oil diffusers, tactile stimuli and calm music. Sensory rooms encourage individuals to explore and engage with their senses which can heighten their interaction with others.

Rooms such as these allow for individuals who easily become over stimulated the opportunity to self soothe and comfort themselves in a quiet calming environment. We call this our “detox” room because we have seen individuals that have become over stimulated go into the sensory room and “detox” to come out much calmer. The calming environment also helps to reduce the amount and frequency of stemming behaviors that often exist for individuals who are Autistic.

Time spent in a multi-sensory environment has been shown to increase concentration, focus, attention, improve alertness, awaken memories, and to improve mobilization, creativity, social relations and communications, and general awareness of the surrounding world. Sensory environments not only provide users with strong sensory stimulation, but they have also been shown to provide new ways of encouraging language, motor, cognitive, and social skills!

Enroll in Our Day Programs for Adults with Autism

With individual care plans, multi-sensory rooms and an emphasis on respect and connection, New Generations is the premiere provider of day programs for adults with Autism in South Carolina. If you are interested in enrolling or want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. We would love to schedule a free tour of our facility for you and your loved one as well as arrange a trial day so you can experience what we have to offer.