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Asperger Syndrome is one of several subtypes of Autism that affects about one percent of the population. While the effects of Autism can range from low-functioning to high-functioning, Asperger Syndrome is considered to be a high-functioning subtype. This means that individuals with this syndrome have signs and symptoms that are less severe than other types of Autism. At New Generations, we offer day programs for adults with Asperger Syndrome in the Florence and Marion, South Carolina areas. Contact us today for more information and to see how we can help your loved one.

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger Syndrome

Asperger Syndrome was previously its own diagnosis, but it now falls under the broader Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Because neurodivergence can express itself in so many ways, it is crucial for healthcare providers and the public to understand how Asperger’s changes previous perceptions of Autism.

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disorder that affects a person’s social, emotional and behavioral abilities. Individuals with Asperger Syndrome struggle with communication, interpreting social cues and expressing emotions in ways neurotypical people are accustomed to. Asperger Syndrome is often described as a “milder form” of ASD, but it still falls under the umbrella of Autism. Those with Asperger’s may need guidance and support in their daily lives; this can make day programs for adults with Asperger Syndrome a valuable tool for families.

How New Generations Can Help

At New Generations, we know that Asperger Syndrome can affect each individual differently and that their range of symptoms can vary. That’s why we employ friendly, trustworthy caregivers for our Special Needs Program who are trained specifically in Asperger care to help individuals find their best selves. Our day programs for adults with Asperger Syndrome boasts an open line of communication with each individual’s parents or guardians. We like to keep in touch with the people in each participant’s life to better understand their behaviors and needs.

Focus on Communication

Unlike other Autism subtypes, those with Asperger’s don’t often have delays in language or cognitive development, but when it comes to communication, they may not always feel comfortable. Our adult day care program can help work with your loved one to improve repetitive speech, social interactions, one-sided conversations, and more.

Improved Coordination

Many individuals with Asperger’s suffer from awkward or uncoordinated movements that can result in clumsiness or poor motor skills. We know that coordination is an important part of everyday living, which is why we work with these individuals to help improve their movements and their confidence.

Addressing Social/Emotional Issues

Some of the most common social and/or emotional issues that are linked to Asperger Syndrome are:

  • Lack of interpersonal relationship skills
  • Inability to express inner feelings
  • Excessive or lack of eye contact
  • Inability to understand social norms
  • Excessive talking
  • Inability to understand personal space

While these issues can be difficult for your loved one to grasp, they can also make things difficult for those around him/her. That’s why at Gary’s Gang (our special needs program) our caregivers strive to help your loved one understand common social and emotional issues and work through them.

The Help Your Loved One Needs

Caregiver Benefits

Caregivers and attendees both benefit from our day care program for adults with special needs. For you, trusting your loved one in the hands of New Generations means more time to tend to your own needs without compromising their care. From working, to spending time with your family, to taking care of chores or just taking a much-needed break, out day programs for adults with Asperger Syndrome give you more balance between caregiving and living your own life.

Your love and ability to care for another person are not always equal. No matter how deeply you love them, every caregiver needs time to look after themselves, too. Dealing with the challenges of Asperger Syndrome can make it difficult for you to put your own needs first.

Our day programs for adults with Asperger Syndrome improve relationships, build independence and foster a healthy sense of self for caregivers. At New Generations, we believe that everyone who acts as a caregiver should be able to meet their own needs guilt-free. That is why we’ve created programs rooted in understanding, compassion and fun for both our attendees and their families.

Why Choose New Generations Day Programs for Adults with Asperger Syndrome?

If you’re looking for day programs for adults with Asperger Syndrome, New Generations is the leading provider in South Carolina. We provide customized programs that celebrate your loved one’s unique personality, respect their boundaries, and honors their limitations.

Life with Asperger Syndrome does not mean less excitement, joy, connection and engagement. On the contrary, we make our programs a place where anyone with ASD can enjoy themselves to the fullest. Some of the benefits you can expect by choosing New Generations include:

  • An individual Person-Centered Care Plan to meet your loved one’s needs
  • Daily pick-up and drop-off services in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle
  • Registered Nurses on site for any and all medical needs
  • One daily USDA-approved lunch and two healthy snacks, respective of any dietary restrictions or preferences
  • Daily communication reports to fill you in on your loved one’s exciting time at New Generations
  • Continued education and training seminars for all our staff to ensure we provide the highest quality of care
  • Flexible day programs Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM

If you are searching for day programs for adults with Asperger Syndrome, New Generations is always available. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and tour of our Florence or Marion, SC, facility.

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At New Generations, we’re all about love, and the place it shows most is in Gary’s Gang. From our staff members to our participants with Asperger Syndrome, we’ve created a community that is caring, accepting, loving, and warm. We pay close attention to our members and offer one-on-one care when it’s needed, but mostly, we love to have fun and enjoy life. Contact us today to get started. We will give you a tour of our Florence or Marion facility and discuss more details about how the program works.