We No Longer Offer Adult Day Care Facility Services

Adult Day Care for Medication Management

Today’s medication can help manage a wide variety of conditions, from autism to Alzheimer’s to diabetes and more. However, sometimes it can be difficult for elderly or special needs individuals to manage their own medication needs. That’s where the medication management center in Florence and Marion, South Carolina can help.

All of our adult day care programs are designed to fit the needs of your loved one and we know that one of the most important aspects of many conditions is medication. It can be difficult for individuals to remember what each of their medications does, how often they should be taken, in what way they should be taken, and more. To maintain their health and ease their mind, we’ll develop a medication schedule specific to your loved one so that they won’t have to worry about their treatments.

After we discuss your loved one’s condition and needs, we’ll review his/her medical records. Whether they regularly need prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, or a combination of both, we’ll make sure that each is filled at the right time, that they’re not expired, and that they’re taken properly.

Care Is Our Priority

At New Generations in Florence and Marion, our number-one priority is care. We want your loved one to feel comfortable in our friendly, supportive environment, and that’s why we select caregivers who are hardworking and warmhearted. Not only do our staff members offer emotional support, but they can also attend to medical needs, promote socialization, and enhance self-esteem so that your loved one lives a happy, healthy life.

Medication Management Center

Give us a call or contact us today and find out why New Generations is the choice among many South Carolinian’s and why we’re often chosen over nursing homes and other care facilities in Florence and Marion, SC.