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Adult Day Care for Dementia

New Generations Dementia Care Center

Dementia CareAt New Generations, we provide attentive, compassionate dementia care that focuses on reducing memory loss, retaining cognitive function, and promoting socialization. The most important element of any dementia care program is to provide caregivers with a sense of peace while giving attendees a sense of freedom.

Although your loved one may require assistance performing routine tasks, we feel that dementia care should be designed in a way that empowers rather than restricts. Our dementia memory care program in Florence and Marion, South Carolina can provide you with the respite you need while providing a safe and stimulating environment for your loved one.

Is it Time for Memory Care?

Every family will have to decide for themselves when it’s the right time to enroll a loved one in dementia care. Consulting with your loved one’s doctor can be a good touchpoint in determining what to expect from their condition, but you should also look at different ways dementia affects their life. If you’re unsure whether it’s time for memory care, here are four things to consider.

Personal Safety

Dementia can cause places a person visits every day to become foreign and frightening. They may forget their name, address, how to get home, or even where they were going in the first place. Fear and anxiety can cause seniors with dementia to overlook basic safety measures such as checking the walk sign before crossing the street. If you’re uncomfortable leaving your loved one alone, the memory care program at New Generations in Florence and Marion can provide supervision and structure in an open, safe environment.

Personal Care Decline

Dementia can cause people to neglect their personal hygiene, or it can cause them to forget how to do simple things like brush their teeth or get dressed. Some may be too embarrassed to ask for help while others simply don’t remember why they should do these things in the first place. Taking total responsibility for your loved one can quickly become a full-time job when they’re no longer able to look after themselves.

Lack of Socialization

Dementia and depression often accompany one another as seniors become more withdrawn. They may no longer find interest in activities they once loved or prefer to be alone rather than talk with family and friends. In the early stages of the disease, people often feel embarrassed by their memory loss, and they try to cope with it by themselves.

Although individuals with dementia communicate differently, they still need companionship. We never stop needing to feel accepted and valued. One of the best ways for your loved one to regain their social connections is through the programs at New Generations where we understand their needs and limitations.

Stress on Family or Caregivers

Caring for a loved one may not have ever been a question, but the responsibility can overtake a caregiver’s life. It’s not uncommon for the entire family to suffer as caregiving becomes the biggest responsibility in the household. The stress of caregiving can lead to depression, which makes life even more challenging.

To avoid caregiver burnout, you need time for yourself and the ability to still live your own life. The memory care programs at New Generations can help you get the balance and freedom you need while still being able to care for and be with your loved one every day.

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What is Dementia Day Care?

Dementia care programs help families manage the care of their loved ones while providing an engaging and welcoming environment. The primary goal of our dementia day care at New Generations is to improve the quality of life for everyone. Registered nurses and professional caregivers guide each attendee through a day of fun, exciting activities that promote socialization and help preserve independence. Attending a structured program can help your loved one rebuild self-esteem and delay the progression of dementia symptoms through brain-strengthening activities.

Dementia Care

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The full- and part-time Alzheimer’s and dementia care programs at New Generations provide elderly clients with a supportive, inspiring, and accepting environment known as “The Club.” Each member has their own person-centered care plan that takes into account their health conditions, needs, and preferences.

We want each of our guests to feel as in control as possible. The emotional toll of having dementia should not be accompanied with feelings of inadequacy or disrespect. We allow our attendees to make as many choices for themselves as they can, all within a safe, secure environment.

Our daily schedule helps others foster new friendships and find support. We also offer medical care and Memory Care Programs that help individuals with dementia stimulate their minds and promote the use of vital cognitive skills. Your loved one is welcome to attend as often as they’d like whether that’s every day or only a couple of days a week. We want our services to be as accessible and convenient as possible, which is why we also offer pick-up and drop-off transportation to all of our guests.

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Are you ready to give your loved one more freedom while caring for their dementia? This disease might be a part of their life forever, but it does not have to take away their independence or happiness. Being a caregiver doesn’t have to take away from your life, either. At New Generations, our dementia day care programs help restore freedom, build friendships and provide safety and peace of mind to caregivers and their loved ones. To learn more about our Florence and Marion, SC, dementia day care programs and schedule a tour of our facilities, contact us today.