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Adult Day Care for Alzheimer's

Learn About New Generations’ Alzheimer’s Day Care Center

Alzheimer's Day Care Center in Florence and MarionAt New Generations, we offer part- and full-time day care services for elderly individuals. Our Alzheimer’s day care center, affectionately known as “The Club,” provides a supportive, engaging environment filled with compassionate care, enriching activities and specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia support.

One of our program’s primary goals is to provide a safe environment where caretakers feel comfortable entrusting their loved one’s care. With a dedicated and experienced staff, we provide support to families at our locations in Florence and Marion, South Carolina. All of our programs are based on person-centered care plans and unity. We create opportunities for all of our guests to build meaningful friendships while catering to their own unique needs.

What Our Alzheimer’s Day Care Center Offers

Our Alzheimer’s day care center combines compassionate care with an engaging, safe environment and a wide array of exciting daily activities. In addition, we ensure that our program offers numerous benefits to both our beloved attendees and their families. We want to ensure that you feel just as comfortable leaving your loved one in our care as they do with us.

Safety & Security

Safety, security and supervision are pillars of quality Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Many of our guests still feel independent, and we want them to perform as many tasks as they can. We also recognize how their conditions affect their ability to perform certain actions safely.

As a result, our Alzheimer’s day care centers in Florence and Marion, SC are equipped with proper security and safety measures to prevent against the harms of wandering and forgetfulness. We do this without diminishing our guests’ freedom. We strive to encourage independence within a safe space to help our guests retain their dignity and as much autonomy as possible.

Encourages Socializing

Many individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia can become socially withdrawn. Although their communication abilities and social needs change, they still require support, engagement and meaningful interaction with others.

At New Generations in Florence and Marion, we offer stimulating activities on a daily basis to help our attendees to build important skills while cooperating with our staff and other attendees. Arts & crafts, daily exercise programs, cooking and many other activities can help those enrolled in our Alzheimer’s day care center reduce loneliness and lead more fulfilling, connected lives.

Stimulating Activities

Although seniors with cognitive decline require assistance with simple tasks, they still need to feel engaged and included. One of the leading causes of depression and listlessness among seniors with Alzheimer’s is a lack of direction and purpose. To combat this, we provide numerous activities and special social events that stimulate the mind and encourage socialization.

From games to movies and even field trips to local businesses, we offer activities that match each individual’s abilities. By customizing each person’s daily schedule, we help reduce their frustration, enhance enjoyment and improve communication.

Respite Care

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s is time-consuming and, at times, emotionally exhausting. To help caretakers avoid burnout and achieve greater balance in their life, we offer respite care that allows them to leave their loved one in good hands so they can meet their own needs.

Respite care gives you an opportunity to care for yourself without worrying about your loved one’s safety or well-being. At New Generations, we provide handicap-accessible transportation services for all of our guests that make our respite care even more convenient and accessible for caretakers.

Enhance Cognitive Skills

Many seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s thrive when they are given the right structure and opportunities. To reduce cognitive decline, we offer many intellectually stimulating activities at our Alzheimer’s day care center such as games, puzzles and drawing. For many of our guests, having a set schedule to follow and look forward to each day improves their cognitive functioning.

Encourage Mobility & Stability

Staying active is important for every senior citizen, but routine physical activity is especially important for managing Alzheimer’s symptoms. We encourage activity and movement throughout the day and offer physical therapy assistance to help reduce falls and improve balance. Our Alzheimer’s day care center can also help our guests manage other conditions they may have including chronic pain, arthritis and osteoporosis.

Experienced & Dedicated Staff

Our Alzheimer’s day care center is staffed by the most wonderful people who make sure that everything runs smoothly day in and day out. From our skilled nurses to the administrative staff, our dedicated team members are the reason New Generations offers such exceptional programs.

Personal Hygiene & Nutrition Assistance

Alzheimer’s and dementia can strongly impact a person’s ability to properly care for themselves. We’re fully equipped to care for individuals with varying levels of care requirements, including those who need feeding assistance and are incontinent. We can also assist with medication management.

We’re committed to all of our guests’ total-body wellness, which includes their mental health, physical care and nutrition. We provide a USDA-approved lunch and two snacks every day, and we can accommodate individuals with food sensitivities or allergies.

Transportation is Available

We offer daily, year-round handicap accessible transportation services for all of our Alzheimer’s day care center attendees. Whether your loved one attends our Florence or Marion, South Carolina facilities, our friendly staff will help them reach New Generations every day with our comfortable and wheelchair-accessible shuttle vans.

Convenient Operating Hours

We offer convenient daily, year-round operating hours Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM at both our Florence and Marion, SC locations.


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Benefits for Caregivers

As a caregiver, you also benefit by sending your loved one to our Alzheimer’s day care center. For many caretakers, this provides the opportunity to go to work, care for themselves or just take some time to unwind. Caring for another person, especially one with Alzheimer’s or dementia, can be very difficult. You might struggle to get anything done or even just be alone without worrying about neglecting your loved one.

Day care allows caretakers to focus on work, maintain healthy relationships and find balance in their lives. Being a caretaker is only one part of your identity. You have a life that you deserve to live guilt-free. We also believe that caretakers who are able to meet their own needs can foster healthier, happier relationships with their loved ones. Everyone gets to experience the benefits of adult day care, but you have to choose a facility that you trust implicitly. We hope New Generations can be that place for you.

Learn More About Our Memory Care Program

One of the biggest benefits of our Alzheimer’s day care center is our Memory Care Program. We offer individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia a fun, stimulating environment that can accommodate their cognitive impairments. As a caretaker, it can be deeply upsetting to watch your once-active and vital loved one struggle to speak or remember how to perform basic tasks.

All of our activities improve cognitive function while keeping in mind each VIP’s (very important person’s) abilities. Your loved one will encounter different people and groups every day to ensure that they are engaged and stimulated by their environment and company.

Would My Loved One Benefit from Attending an Alzheimer’s Day Care Center?

You may wonder who needs Alzheimer’s day care more, you or your loved one. The struggle of caring for a family member with Alzheimer’s can quickly overtake your life, and you may feel like you’ve run out of time to even take care of yourself.

Alzheimer's Care Giver

While you may feel guilty at the prospect of sending your loved one to an adult day care, the benefits extend to them as well. Our specialized Alzheimer’s day care center ensures that each attendee is given the support, care and opportunity they need to thrive.

Day care programs can bestow a newfound sense of purpose to people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Depression, social isolation, confusion and frustration are all common among individuals with a degenerative disease. New Generations gives them a chance to experience something new again and continue to develop as a person.

Life does not end after a diagnosis, but it does change significantly. We strive to provide the engagement, interaction and purpose that drives everyone’s life forward, but we do so in an environment that’s specifically designed to accommodate the specific needs of your loved one.

Some individuals may attend day care every day, but others may benefit from visiting a few times each week. We want to make sure that your loved one has the right balance in their life, and we are happy to help develop a schedule and person-centered care plan that works for your entire family.

At New Generations Alzheimer’s day care center, your loved one will always have something to look forward to. We offer plenty of fun activities including:

  • Arts & crafts
  • Educational presentations
  • Movies
  • Board games and playing cards
  • Reading
  • Walks outside and physical activities

We also offer events including VIP activities like bingo, shopping trips, festivals and live performances. Our event calendar helps our guests continue to lead exciting, active and connected lives.

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Is our Alzheimer’s day care center right for your loved one? With a variety of stimulating activities, medication management, physical care and even transportation services, we strive to create an environment that caretakers trust and guests love.

Even though you may love how a program sounds, it can be difficult to actually leave your family member in another’s care. To help you and your loved one feel more comfortable, we offer a free trial day. On this day, you and your loved one can visit New Generations, meet our staff and other guests and see if it’s a good fit for you.

We are also happy to give you a free tour of our Florence and Marion facilities, where we can answer any and all questions about adult day care that you might have. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you.