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Disability Programs

Disability Programs

New Generations Offers Special Needs and Disability Programs

Caring for someone with special needs can be very difficult. That’s why we believe no one should ever have to handle their caretaker duties alone. New Generations offers a variety of disability programs at our adult day care centers in Florence and Marion, South Carolina.

Each of our programs is specifically tailored to serve individuals with a variety of special needs. Whether they have Autism, Down Syndrome or have suffered a traumatic brain injury, we provide a safe, inclusive and inspiring atmosphere that encourages each member to shine and thrive exactly as they are.

Gary’s Gang is our special needs group dedicated to helping people with disabilities learn and grow together. Everyone needs and deserves love, kindness and a chance to connect with others. Our group gives each of its members a chance to make friends, learn new things, build self-confidence and develop independence to the best of their ability.

Therapeutic Disability Programs

Our disability programs provide much more than supervision. Gary’s Gang and the rest of New Generations is designed to bring excitement and opportunity into your loved one’s life. While we do have a staff of licensed nurses and medical assistants, we also offer a variety of fun daily activities and programs that help each individual build new skills.

Many of our features are designed to cater to different needs, particularly those belonging to specific disabilities. Our sensory room at our Florence facility provides Autistic attendants with safety and security whenever they need it. It is a quiet, relaxing space that features a variety of soothing and engaging textures. Although they may need a quiet place to decompress, we also know how important it is for them to receive positive and soothing stimulation.

Sensory Room

Gary’s Gang also partakes in a wide range of activities including field trips to the shopping mall, movie theater, bowling alley, talent shows, Special Olympics, arts and crafts, outdoor time and much more.

Care You Can Count On

Our disability programs welcome anyone over the age of 18. We provide complimentary transportation services for both pick-up and drop-off. We understand that caretakers often struggle to balance their loved one’s needs with their own demanding schedule, and we want to make quality care affordable and accessible to your family.

All of our disability programs are individualized, meaning that your loved one will receive a Person Centered Care Plan when they join. Through person-centered care, we make sure that every guest is given the freedom of choice. We work with you and them to identify goals, create plans and strive toward wellness together.

To learn more about New Generations adult day care services in Marion and Florence, South Carolina, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. It would be our pleasure to welcome you and your loved one into our community.