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Adult Day Care Benefits

Adult Day Care Benefits

There are countless adult day care benefits that could be helpful for you and your loved one. As a caregiver, we know life can be hectic sometimes. Whether you have an elderly parent who needs care or a special needs loved one who requires additional support, New Generations is here for you. Our adult day care centers in South Carolina have provided a place for individuals to go during the day where they will be cared for while you’re at work or tending to other responsibilities.

What Is Adult Day Care?

Adult day care programs are designed to encourage your loved one to spend time with others in a social environment they’ll look forward to coming to every day. At New Generations, our adult day care benefits start with a Person Centered Care Plan which we create for each and every participant in our program. These plans are tailored around your loved one’s particular wants and needs. They will lay out the foundation of how they’ll spend their day when they attend our facility.

Our adult day care programs can also help delay or prevent your senior loved one from needing to move to an assisted living or long term care facility. We specialize in dementia and Alzheimer’s care and our trained nurses and aides are familiar with dealing with all facets of these conditions including the complex emotions that can come along with them. We can professionally deescalate stressful situations to ensure your family member remains not only safe, but happy as well.

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Why Choose New Generations?

Unlike other adult day care facilities throughout South Carolina, New Generations is staffed by trained medical professionals including nurses and aides. Since 1998 we have helped countless families handle their caregiving role and have provided a location where their loved ones look forward to coming to every day. We even offer transportation services with customizable pickup and drop off times so that we are able to coordinate with your schedule. With one facility in Florence and another in Marion, SC we’re able to serve hundreds of clients in 18 counties and are proud to be one of the largest adult day care operators in the state.

Making a Difference Everyday

The reliable support families receive from New Generations has made it easier to cope with the day to day responsibilities associated with being a full time caregiver. We’re here for you as an additional support system, and when your elderly or special needs loved one participants in our adult day care program you become a member of the New Generations family. You don’t have to go through these difficult times alone.

Offering Caregivers Peace of Mind

One of the main adult day care benefits is providing peace of mind for caregivers. You need to know that the individuals watching over your loved one are going to care for them the same way you would. Whether your family member is enrolled in our elderly care program or our special needs program we’re proud to offer the same high caliber of care.

Mental & Physical Stimulation to Promote Overall Wellbeing

When it comes to adult day care benefits, it must be mentioned that mental and physical stimulation are equally important. Depending on your loved one’s abilities, we like to plan fun activities and events every day to ensure they not only have a good time, but that they stay physically active. If your family member requires physical therapy assistance, we are able to help with that too. We know things such as arthritis and chronic pain are part of the aging process which is why we do everything we can to improve your loved one’s overall well-being.

More Affordable Than Nursing Homes

One of the primary adult day care benefits is its affordability. Full time care at a nursing home can quickly add up to thousands of dollars per month while part time care at New Generations is only a fraction of the cost. The average rate for our extensive range of adult day care services is only about $1,800 per month vs $5,000 – $8,000 a month in a nursing home. We accept are Medicaid, Long Term Care Insurance, Private Pay, and Vouchers. Vouchers are administered through the Office on Aging for people caring for loved ones with Dementia/Alzheimer’s or caregivers that need respite.

Consider Opting For Home Care Services

If your loved one prefers to stay in the comfort of their own home, or if they are confined to stay home based on their health, we can come to you. In addition to our countless adult day care benefits, we also offer top notch home care services that you can rely on. Whether you live in another state and you’d like us to visit your aging mother’s home everyday so she doesn’t have to move to an assisted living facility or you have a special needs son who needs a little extra supervision only on Wednesdays, we can help. We’re available 24/7 including nights, weekends, and holidays.

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We know taking the first step towards arranging care for your loved one can be difficult. Reach out to us now to discuss all of the adult day care benefits that are available to you at New Generations. Our friendly staff members are standing by to answer any questions you may have and to start creating a Person Centered Care Plan for your elderly or special needs family member. You’re just a click or call away from getting the help you need.