We No Longer Offer Adult Day Care Facility Services

How to Pay for Long-Term Senior Care

senior care payments charleston sc

Studies show that 70% of seniors who are 65 years old will need some long-term care assistance and 30% will require care for more than 5 years. This responsibility is overwhelmingly assumed by family members such as children and spouses. Even with good family support, many will need additional assistance from professional caregivers to care for their loved ones.

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Home-Based Care Trumps Nursing Homes for Efficiency

In recent weeks, the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has been working with interested parties to explore ways to more efficiently manage our state’s Medicaid program. The agency and work groups are specifically debating how to address the needs of a growing population of elderly and disabled with a dwindling revenue stream.

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New Generations Home Care Services

Home Care Assistance Services

You may question if you or a loved one needs home care services. New Generations Home Care, Inc. recognizes that this can be a difficult, and sometimes painful and frightening, decision. Inherent in this decision is the fear of loss of autonomy, or independence.

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