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What to Look for in Memory Care Facilities

Memory Care Facilities

Receiving a dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosis can be stressful and overwhelming for you and your loved one. If you aren’t able to provide full-time care, finding a safe, nurturing environment for your loved one is crucial to their well-being. Here’s what to look for when you are comparing memory care facilities to ensure your loved one attends the best place for their mental and physical health.

Safety and Comfort

The best memory care facilities combine safety and comfort in their design. When you tour the facility, be sure to note important safety features and comfortable touches. You want your loved one to feel at ease while they are away from you, so it’s best to avoid places that feel more like a hospital than a home. The memory care facility you select should feel inviting and cozy for your loved one without compromising safety.

A Compassionate and Well-Trained Team

Having the right staff is essential for a memory care facility. Each staff member at the facility should be well-trained to provide memory care services for your loved one. When you are touring the facility, you may want to ask about ongoing dementia training for staff members and the values and mission of the care facility. The staff should be friendly and accommodating to you and your loved one at all times.

Stimulating Activities

Keeping your loved one engaged and mentally stimulated can improve cognition and slow down the effects of dementia. When you are comparing memory care facilities, take a look at the activity schedules. Arts and crafts, puzzles, games, exercise, and other fun activities can help your loved one stay occupied and engaged throughout the day.

Alternative to Memory Care Facilities

New Generations: An Alternative to Memory Care Facilities

Placing your loved in a nursing home or assisted living facility can cause them to experience separation anxiety. When you enroll them in adult day care at New Generations, they will get to experience all the benefits of memory care without feeling anxious or isolated.

At New Generations, our memory care programs for Alzheimer’s and dementia are designed to promote independence, social interaction, and fun. Here’s what you can expect when you enroll your loved one in our adult day care facilities in Marion or Florence, South Carolina.

  • Fun, engaging activities
  • Opportunities for social interaction
  • Healthy, delicious meals
  • Nursing support
  • Available medical care
  • Experienced, compassionate staff
  • Transportation services available

Enroll in Our Memory Care Facilities Today

If your loved one needs memory care services in Marion or Florence, SC New Generations can help. Our highly compassionate, well-trained team can care for your loved one and provide them with a supportive, safe environment. If you’d like to enroll your family member in our memory care program, contact us today to get more information, schedule a tour, and sign up for a free trial day.