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What are the Different Types of Memory Care?

Memory Care

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The way our brains store and access memories is incredibly complex, so not all types of memory loss have the same effects. This means that care can be a little different for a senior with Alzheimer’s or a person with memory loss following a stroke. New Generations carefully tailors their care to each person’s unique needs. Here are a few types of memory care that we frequently provide to families and their senior loved ones.

Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s disease is a type of chronic memory loss that gradually worsens over time. During the early stages, our staff is there to guide seniors through fun therapeutic programs that help with memory, logic, and spatial awareness. Hanging out in our Memory Care program, affectionately known as “The Club” also gives seniors plenty of opportunities to socialize with others and enjoy their golden years. In the later stages, we make sure seniors stay safe and provide them with the medications, hygiene care, and meals they need to remain healthy.

Dementia Care

Though Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia, some seniors may have other forms of dementia that cause unique symptoms like hallucinations, coordination issues, and eyesight problems. We have activities that help seniors retain mobility and fine motor skills, and our licensed nurses on site are there to help with any medical problems.

Memory Care During Stroke Recovery

When blood flow to the brain is interrupted during a stroke, it can harm the parts of the brain responsible for memory. Unlike dementia, people who have memory problems following a stroke may recover. If your senior loved one is recovering from a stroke, our staff will work with them to help them relearn how to do daily tasks and discover techniques for dealing with memory loss.

Seizure Care

Repeated seizures can make it hard for people to remember things like future tasks they need to do, directions around spaces, and facial identification. If your senior has a chronic condition that causes seizures, you can breathe easy when you leave them with us. Our onsite nurses are prepared to handle any emergencies and help our guests stay safe.

At New Generations, our staff is experienced with providing all sorts of care for memory problems. We work hard to create a comfortable and supportive environment. In addition to providing basic care, our talented staff members can work with your loved one to help them retain cognitive functions, mobility, and independence.

If you would like to find out more about the great services we offer to those dealing with memory issues, contact us today!