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What Are the Benefits of Home Health Care for Seniors?

Benefits Of Home Health Care For Seniors

To expand our ease of access and level of care, New Generations is proud to offer home health care for seniors. Our home health care services help promote independence and wellness for elderly individuals who suffer from chronic health conditions or are recovering from an illness or injury. If you are curious about the benefits of hiring an in-home aide for your senior loved one, here are some of the perks you can expect from New Generations.

Comfort and Security

When people feel the safest and calmest, they tend to thrive and recover the best. That is often the case with many seniors who suffer from conditions like Alzheimer’s or who have limited mobility. While they may still enjoy going out, their home is where they are most comfortable and at ease. Our home health care for seniors can provide your loved one with everything they need on their terms. For seniors who are recovering from surgery, illness or injury, home care lowers stress, increases positive outcomes and leads to faster, more complete healing.

The Help Your Loved One Needs

Reprieve for Caretakers and Families

Being a fulltime caregiver can be extremely difficult, and it may sometimes affect your ability to meet your own needs. By allowing our home services caregivers to step in, you can take a much-needed break. This could be during the day while you’re at work, on the weekends when you need to run errands or simply when your plate is full and you need an extra pair of hands to look after your loved one.

Prevents Injury

Seniors who are at home all day on their own or with limited care are at a greater risk of fall injuries and accidents. Home care services from New Generations ensure your loved one is always supervised without infringing on their independence. We place their dignity first while providing support at any level they may require. This can bring you peace of mind as you know they won’t be hurt or ever unable to get help they need.

Greater Savings

Paying for your loved one to live in an assisted care facility can cost thousands of dollars a month. We’ve structured our home care packages to be affordable for families. Our goal is to help as many people as possible without compromising their financial stability. Your loved one’s health is priceless, so we make sure our home health care services are as affordable as possible. Your loved one’s Medicare or Medicare Advantage plan may fully cover their care from New Generations. Contact us today for more information.

How You Can Afford Care For Your Loved One

Highly Trained Home Health Care Professionals

Our home health care for seniors is provided by only the most qualified, compassionate caretakers. They are all thoroughly trained and rigorously screened before they work with any of our clients. In addition, we also have registered nurses who can work directly with your loved one if they require a higher level of medical assistance. Our home health care for seniors can also accommodate physical therapy, medication management, medical equipment maintenance and memory care for seniors with dementia.

Diverse and Empathetic Home Health Care For Seniors

We are able to care for seniors with a wide range of health needs, including those who require wound care, IV assistance, insulin injections, catheter care, procedural intervention and communication with physicians. We are also trained to work with a variety of medical equipment that your elderly relative may use.

Companionship to Ease Loneliness

Seniors who are at home most of the day often feel isolated and may struggle with depression. We take everyone’s mental health as seriously as their physical well-being. All of our caretakers provide companionship, friendly conversation and meaningful interaction with their patients. They may read to them, play cards, go for a walk or simply sit together and chat.

In hospitals and long term care facilities, staff are divided among their patients, so interaction may be limited depending on the demand. With New Generations home health care for seniors, our caregivers are able to give 100% of their energy and attention to your loved one.

Learn More About Our Home Health Care For Seniors Today

New Generations is the leading provider of adult day care and home health care for seniors in Florence and Marion, SC. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and help you learn more about what we could do for you and your family. Please contact us today to learn more and get started.