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Current Trends in Long-Term Care

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“Home Again” Federal Grant

The South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has received a grant from the Federal Government titled “Home Again”. John Belissary one of the owners of New Generations was named to be panelists of this esteemed group. The purpose of this grant is twofold: to transition people from institutions back into the community and to rebalance long-term care spending.

As everybody knows, aging at home is a top priority for most individuals confronted with the possibility of being institutionalized. Independence is paramount to an individual’s self-esteem and well-being. Through this grant, the panel has assumed the arduous task of promoting independence and aging at home. With an aging population that is growing rapidly federal and state governments have realized the cost-effectiveness of staying at home and the overwhelming desire of most individuals to stay at home.

Licensure for In-Home Care Providers

Unfortunately, the State of South Carolina is one of only a handful of states that do not license in-home care providers. However, through the hard work of the South Carolina Association of Personal Care Providers, which John Belissary serves as President, the Association was able to pass legislation at the end of the 2011 legislative session that will license all in-home care providers. This was particularly important to protect vulnerable citizens in their homes as they receive in-home care services. Obviously consumer protection was the driving force for seeking this worthy legislation but provider accountability was another cornerstone for this bill. The bill and its regulations are being promulgated by the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control and John Belissary is proud to serve on this committee to ensure consumer protection and provider accountability.

Dedication to Quality Care

New Generations is proud to serve as a leader in our state protecting elderly and disabled individuals in their homes with the most competent care possible. Here at New Generations it is imperative to not only provide quality care but also continue to serve as leaders in the State of South Carolina in rendering these necessary and essential services.

Please continue to monitor our website for updates and changes in these important initiatives.