We No Longer Offer Adult Day Care Facility Services

We Are Proud to Support Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Down Syndrome Awareness

Down Syndrome Awareness Month at New Generations

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and New Generations is excited to celebrate with all of our Gary’s Gang members. For us and many others around the country, this month isn’t about disabilities, it’s about celebrating each individual’s unique abilities and accomplishments. To share their goals, dreams and aspirations and work together to bring awareness.

Down Syndrome affects 1 out of every 691 babies born each year in the United States. Each child flourishes into adults who are filled with potential, kindness and perspective that we strive to nourish and enrich every day. At New Generations, we know that Down Syndrome does not define a person. Each day we’re delighted to see them when they arrive at the facility, get to know them and help them gain greater independence through their own innate ability. Each individual creates joy in our lives and during the month of October we are proud to celebrate them.

Gary’s Gang Promotes Down Syndrome Awareness

Gary’s Gang is a special program within New Generations for adults 18 and older with Down Syndrome, Autism and other developmental disabilities. The group is named after the New Generation’s founder, Gail Belissary’s late autistic son Gary. Today, it includes many members from various backgrounds and encourages healthy self-esteem, friendship and independence through a variety of fun, empowering activities.

Adult Day Care Services

New Generations has facilities in Florence and Marion, SC, and we are always excited to meet new families and potential participants. If your loved one has Down Syndrome and you are looking for part-time or full-time care, contact us today to learn more and schedule a free trial day. Come and meet our dedicated staff, Gary’s Gang and all of the other fun-loving guests that we are honored to care for. During October we hope you will celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness month with us!

Starting on Tuesday October 29th 2019 we will be offering a support group for our special needs families. Moving forward, the support group will be held on the last Tuesday of every month. Whether your loved one is already a Gary’s Gang member or you’re interested in enrolling at one of our facilities we hope you’ll join us!