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Essential Programs for Adults with Disabilities

Programs for Adults with Disabilities

Sign Your Loved One Up for Gary’s Gang

Caring for a someone with special needs can be challenging for both you and your loved one. Providing the level of care and attention that they need while still attending to all of your other responsibilities can be very trying. New Generations offers programs for adults with disabilities that provide a safe and caring environment for your loved one, while giving you some much-needed time to yourself. Named for our founder Gail Belissary’s late autistic son, New Generation’s special needs program for adults is affectionately known as Gary’s Gang. Unique to the Pee Dee area, we invite you to learn more about our family-oriented facility and fun confidence boosting services.

Benefits for Your Loved One

When you sign your loved one up to participate in Gary’s Gang at New Generations, they will experience a wide variety of benefits. They’ll be in a warm and caring environment where they will have more opportunities to socialize and interact than they likely would at home. The adults who join Gary’s Gang also have many opportunities to be active, which helps keep them both healthier and happier. The caring staff from New Generations provides instruction and support with various life skills. This helps all of our members become more independent, which in turns boosts their self-esteem.

Services and Care

The staff at New Generations are simply the best. They are caring and nurturing and will provide excellent care to your loved one. There are three staff nurses who work with Gary’s Gang to provide any necessary medical care or medication management. There are many programs for adults with disabilities, but no other programs will match the level of care and nurturing that your loved one will receive from Gary’s Gang.

At Gary’s Gang, we provide care for adults with a wide variety of disabilities and special needs. Some of the disabilities that we provide support for include cerebral palsy, bipolar disorder, seizure disorders, learning disabilities, and traumatic brain injuries.

At Gary’s Gang, we also offer specialized care for Autism and Down Syndrome. To support our patients with Autism, we work on developing skills like communication, while providing a structured and supportive environment. For our patients with Down Syndrome, we provide a structured setting where we work on socializing, maintaining a healthy diet, and increasing strength. For all of our Gary’s Gang members we offer a sensory room where they can relax if they become over-stimulated. Outfitted with comfortable seating, low lighting, oil diffusers and more, it’s truly an emotional oasis.

Activities and Community Trips

Our activities program is part of the reason Gary’s Gang is one of the best programs for adults with disabilities. We plan a diverse array of activities and outings that are designed to be both therapeutic and fun. Some of the activities your loved one may enjoy include visiting Ripley’s Aquarium, going bowling, exercising, playing volleyball, and special monthly/holiday themed events.

Gary’s Gang at New Generations will provide quality care in a fun and nurturing environment for your loved one. Contact New Generations today for a consultation and to sign up for a free trial day.