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New Generations Home Care Services

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Available Services

You may question if you or a loved one needs home care services.  New Generations Home Care, Inc. recognizes that this can be a difficult, and sometimes painful and frightening, decision.  Inherent in this decision is the fear of loss of autonomy, or independence.  However, home care more often than not proves to be a strong factor in improving, or at least maintaining, one’s level of independence.

Nevertheless, while recognizing that “someday” help may be needed for you to remain in your home,  determining when that someday actually comes may be a difficult decision.  But here are some indications that may help you with your decision.  You may be a candidate for home care services if:

  1. You realize that you are less able to care for yourself as you grow older
  2. You have a disability or a chronic illness
  3. You’re recovering from an illness, surgery or a hospital stay
  4. You have a terminal illness.

Types of Services

Before you can make a decision about using home care, obviously you need to know how home care services can help you. What levels of service are provided?  For those of you who need skilled medical monitoring, direct care and intervention so your medical needs may be met at home instead of having to be institutionalized, we can offer skilled nursing.  If you simply need a little help with normal daily activities and basic monitoring of your medical condition, a personal care aide (PCII) will meet your needs.  For those of you who need help in preserving a safe and clean environment, providing a break for caregivers and helping with personal care duties, a homemaker (PCI) is the best choice.

Companion or respite services provide short term or long term companionship for an exhausted caregiver either in a home or a hospital setting.  Often New Generations Home Care finds that a combination of these services is the most appropriate approach.  Our skilled office staff can determine the most cost-effective combination of services to meet your needs.