We No Longer Offer Adult Day Care Facility Services

We Offer Special Needs Care for Cerebral Palsy

Special Needs Care for Cerebral Palsy
Cerebral palsy is one of the many different types of conditions we help people manage at New Generations. We understand that the varying challenges individuals experience are as unique as their personalities. That’s why we provide personalized special needs care for cerebral palsy that helps each individual and their family thrive.

With a talented staff of skilled special needs nurses, our program can help your loved one flourish mentally and physically. Our South Carolina cerebral palsy adult day care program is available at both our Florence and Marion locations.

Personal Attention Through Customized Care Plans

One of the greatest setbacks in special needs care programs today is a lack of diversity. Many people read a diagnosis and group everyone with it under the same umbrella, but we know how individual each person truly is. To embrace their unique personality and give them the chance to grow at our day care, we work with you and your loved one to craft individual person-centered care plans.

Our care plans encourage mental, physical and social wellness for each and every guest. Their daily routine, medical needs and goals are all uniquely developed as a part of their plan. We offer choice, first and foremost, by making sure that your loved one is able to choose for themselves whenever they are able to do so. Dietary restrictions, medication management and therapeutic goals are all woven into a plan that guides your loved one through a variety of stimulating daily activities. We also provide transportation to and from our Florence and Marion locations that is wheelchair-friendly.

Benefits of Our Special Needs Care for Cerebral Palsy

The degree of disability varies among individuals with cerebral palsy, so our programs are adjustable to meet each person’s abilities. Our nurses are well trained and understand the various neurological conditions and other physical and mental disabilities a person may have as a result.

Our program is designed to help build confidence, ease anxiety and establish trusting social connections. We understand how isolated many individuals with special needs can feel; it’s not uncommon for them to experience fear around strangers or struggle to communicate. That’s why social therapy is a large part of our program. Helping your loved one learn how to utilize their abilities and express their true selves builds self-confidence and independence.

Our greatest goal is to make sure our guests always feel loved and accepted for who they are, not in spite of who they are. New Generations embraces the philosophy of meeting people where they are and providing an environment that gives them the greatest opportunity to grow.

To learn more about our adult day care and special needs care for cerebral palsy, contact us today!