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Differences Between Caregiver Services and Adult Day Care

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Choosing the right caregiver or day care program for your loved one is a challenge, but we believe that there is a suitable option to assist every family and individual. But what are the differences between home caregiver services and an adult day care? We’re happy to explain the details. At New Generations, our staff is trained to provide a wide range of programs that cater to elderly individuals and adults with developmental disabilities.

The Difference Between a Home Caregiver and an Adult Day Care

Private home care can be costly, and it often deprives individuals from the socialization they need to thrive. We understand that learning disabilities, developmental disabilities and conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia impact everyone differently.

A private caregiver who works from your home can provide a high level of personalized care. They often assist with taking your loved one to and from any necessary doctor’s appointments or therapies and with daily tasks. Unfortunately, home caregiving services are usually very expensive (often more than twice as much as an adult day care program such as New Generations).

Depending on the situation, private caregiving services can sometimes leave individuals feeling isolated. On the other hand, at an adult day care such as New Generations, participants get to experience a new, safe environment, socialize with others and develop new skills that can help them flourish. Our dedicated staff of nurses, administrators, and program coordinators maximize each participants’ day to the fullest in an effort to pursue their goals and make their day exactly what they want it to be.

At New Generations we offer two premier programs at our Florence and Marion facilities in South Carolina. Let us tell you a little more about each!

Elderly Caregiver Services

For people whose parents have been affected by the deteriorating symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia, our Elderly Care Program can offer a safe, secure place where clients maintain a sense of independence and vitality. We offer a wide range of services that caters to the entire being, meaning their physical, mental and social health will be closely evaluated and attended to at all times.

Some of our senior care programs include:

Adult Special Needs Day Care

For adults with developmental disabilities who are 18 years and older, we offer a dynamic and fun day care program lovingly known as Gary’s Gang that provides plenty of opportunities to socialize and develop new skills.

Some of the most common special needs conditions we service include:

From physical therapy, arts and crafts to our autism sensory room and field trips, we strive to provide the highest quality of life to all our attendees. We want them to feel safe, secure and, most of all, happy. Our daily activities help boost cognitive skills while also building confidence, instilling a sense of independence and joy in their lives.

Services You Can Trust

To learn more about our programs, contact us today. We’re happy to answer any of your questions and set up an appointment for you and your loved one to visit us at New Generations!