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The Benefits of Our Florence Autism Care

Florence Autism care

If you have a loved one with Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), our Florence Autism care is a great place for them to learn, grow, and have fun. Our New Generations care program is called Gary’s Gang and it caters to individuals with a variety of special needs. Our members truly love being part of Gary’s Gang and here’s why:

Social Interactions

Those with Autism or ASD often struggle with communication and may find that it’s difficult to talk to others. At Gary’s Gang, we help address this by promoting social interactions between both our professional caregivers and other Gary’s Gang members. We use techniques like flash cards, pictures, sign language, and group activities to help individuals grow. With improved social skills, your loved one can enjoy the self-confidence and understanding that they gain.


At New Generations, we believe Florence Autism care can be both developmental and fun! That’s why we schedule a variety of supervised outings for our Gary’s Gang members. We enjoy things like pumpkin picking, picnicking, the mall, bowling, hay rides, the Special Olympics, farmers markets, and more. These types of outings can boost happiness as well as a sense of adventure and community.


Our Gary’s Gang members partake in a variety of games and activities including board games, card games, cookie baking, crafts, puppet shows, movie days, and more! We also coordinate monthly themed events, which are a favorite among our members. Each month, we host fun events like Hawaiian luaus, holiday parties, pet-themed events, BINGOs, and more. We also have high school mixers where members get together for a night of dancing, food, and fun.

Check out our Event Calendar to discover the exciting activities we have coming up!

Caring Individuals

At New Generations, we know the word “care” is the most important part of Florence Autism care. That’s why each of our Gary’s Gang staff members has completed in-depth training courses that specialize in Autism as well as other special needs. Through these courses, they have gained a better understanding of individuals with Autism and how to care for them. No matter what the situation, we’re here at all day care hours to tend to the members of Gary’s Gang with compassion and respect.

To learn more about Gary’s Gang or to get started on the enrollment process, contact our friendly adult day care members.