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Our Sensory Room for Autism Can Help Your Loved One

Did you know that individuals with autism or with autistic tendencies can benefit from spending time in a multi-sensory environment? At New Generations, we have designed a room dedicated to this. Our sensory room for autism adds a wonderful element to our Gary’s Gang program.

What Is a Sensory Room for Autism?

A sensory room is a special room designed to calm over-stimulated individuals. It features low lighting, oil diffusers, tactile stimuli, and soothing music. These rooms encourage people to explore and engage with their senses. By doing so, they can heighten their interactions with others.

At New Generations, we’ve nicknamed our sensory room the “detox” room. On a daily basis, we see over-stimulated individuals go into the sensory room and come out much calmer. Like a detox, this calm can improve the mood and increase happiness.

Our room can also help with “stimming” behaviors. Many times, when those with autism (or autistic tendencies) become overwhelmed, they self-stimulate. This behavior can include rocking, pacing, hand flapping, and other rigid, repetitive movements. By spending some time in our sensory room, they can get the stimulation they need.

Added Benefits

When a person spends time in a multi-sensory environment, studies show it can have a variety of benefits. A sensory room can:

  • Increase their concentration
  • Focus their attention
  • Improve their alertness
  • Awaken memories
  • Improve their mobilization
  • Inspire their creativity
  • Increase their social relations and/or communication

In addition, a sensory room can also give them a better awareness of the surrounding world. When a person knows what calms them down, they can react better (and with more confidence!).

Our Sensory Room

At New Generations, our room is considered a sensory room for autism. However, it can actually benefit those with a wide variety of special needs. Many of our Gary’s Gang members love spending time in the sensory room and enjoy the calming atmosphere. They get the chance to relax, recharge, and take a minute for themselves. We always have professional caregivers in the room, which can improve the comfort of our members.

Here are some pictures of our individuals enjoying the sensory room:

sensory room for autismsensory room for autism







sensory room for autism

sensory room for autism sensory room for autism











To learn more about our sensory room or our Gary’s Gang program, please give us a call!