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8 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

The Sooner You Know, the Better

Although it varies from person to person, there are several early signs that are associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Here, our adult day care company shares some of the things you can look for in your loved one. (Keep in mind these signs may be very subtle and vague at first.)

Disruptive Memory Loss

Everyone experiences memory loss at one point or another, but memory loss that disrupts your loved one’s daily life can be a warning sign. This can include¬†forgetting recently learned information or important dates/events, asking for the same information repeatedly, or frequently relying on reminders or memory aids.

Disorient in a Familiar Place

If your loved one suddenly becomes disoriented in a place he/she has been many times before, it could be a sign of Alzheimer’s. This often happens when a person is driving – they’ll suddenly forget where they are or where they’re going and become lost.

Social Withdrawal

Have you noticed that your loved one always used to jump at the chance to partake in social events, but now seems more reserved? Social withdrawal from things as small as conversations to as large as family gatherings can be a warning sign of Alzheimer’s. Often times, a person will feel left out or uncomfortable in these situations.

Problem-Solving Issues

Problem-solving becomes harder as we age, but if your loved one has trouble with something as simple as following written directions or keeping up with monthly bill payments, it could be a red flag. Keep an eye on how long it takes them to work out everyday issues.

Loss of Interest

As with the social withdrawal, individuals with early Alzheimer’s may lose interest in the things they once loved to do. Many times, a favorite hobby or pastime (such as golfing, playing cards, completing puzzles, etc.) is no longer appealing. This can also be a sign of depression, but if your loved one doesn’t have a history of the condition and has no recent reason for depression (i.e. the death of a loved one), it may be Alzheimer’s.

Difficulty in Speaking or Writing

If you notice your loved one often stops in the middle of a conversation without knowing how to continue or they often repeat themselves, it could be a warning sign. In addition, difficulty choosing words that once came easily in writing may also be a red flag.

Inability to Plan

While there are certainly people who are better at planning than others, one sign of Alzheimer’s is difficulty with plans or multitasking. This especially applies to those who were once very good at things like coordinating a party or following busy schedules.

Decreased/Poor Judgment

Have you noticed that your loved one has been making decisions he/she wouldn’t normally make? Maybe they gave a large amount of money to a telemarketer or aren’t grooming themselves as often as they should. Alzheimer’s can affect a person’s judgment and cause them to act out of character.

If you believe your loved one is affected by Alzheimer’s, our adult day care program is a great place for them to spend the day. Our professional caregivers are here to not only lend a helping hand, but also a friendly one. Talk to us today to learn more.