We No Longer Offer Adult Day Care Facility Services

Our Adult Day Programs Help Ease Separation Anxiety

No Separation Anxiety

Experience the New Generations Difference

Separation anxiety is a serious issue when it comes to caregiving. When your loved one is emotionally attached to a family member, a spouse, or even a pet, making a transition to a nursing home or extended living facility can be detrimental to his or her health. Since most nursing homes feature full-time care, your loved won’t be able to see the people they see most on a regular basis. This can deteriorate their mental health and affect their happiness. Because the adult day programs at New Generations offer daily care, you won’t have to worry about your loved one experiencing separation anxiety.

With part-time individualized programs, your loved one can enjoy care and comfort during the day and still return home at night. This means they won’t have to change their lifestyle or adapt to a completely new environment.

Professional Elderly Care Programs

Adult day programs at New Generations in Florence and Marion, SC are run by professional caregivers who tend to our members’ dietary restrictions, medication needs, physical requirements, and more. Not only are our aides and nurses trained to handle a variety of situations, but they’re also friendly and caring. Our caregivers can make your loved one feel right at home and help them maintain their individuality while offering genuine friendship and care.

We Specialize In Alzheimer’s and Dementia Adult Day Programs

If you’re a full time caregiver for a loved one who has Alzheimer’s or dementia you need to know the adult day center your loved one attends will offer the same safe care you would at home. New Generations is known for our family like atmosphere. Each participant is encouraged to socialize and participate in activities they enjoy while under the watchful eye of our highly trained aides and nurses.

Our staff members receiving ongoing education to ensure they are able to offer the best caregiving services for your loved one. They know how to handle the difficult aspects associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s including deescalating stressful situations, coping with sundowners, and much more.

What’s a Day At New Generations Like?

We know considering enrolling your loved one in adult day programs can be scary. At New Generations our goal is to make everyday fun-filled so your family member looks forward to coming back

  1. Transportation To Our Facility: Each day starts off with either you dropping your loved one off or us picking them up. That’s right! We offer flexible transportation services starting as early as 6:30 am. Our busses have lifts to accommodate passengers in wheelchairs. Our drivers have extensive wheelchair training, know CPR along with First Aid. They also undergo additional training throughout the year.
  2. Fun Events For Our Participants: Each and every day we plan fun events, crafts, and other activities for all of our participants. These are selected based on an individual’s wants, needs, and preferences. We incorporate exercises such as walking and strength training along with brain stimulating activities such as puzzles.
  3. USDA Approved Meal: Every day each adult day care program participant at New Generations enjoys a USDA approved meal along with two snacks. These meals promote nutrition and overall health. We can accommodate food allergies, sensitivities, and preferences.

Engaging Activities

Learn About Our Person-Centered Care Plans

There are countless benefits to enrolling your loved one in an elderly day care program. If you wear yourself out to the point of exhaustion, how helpful can you be to your loved one who needs you? That’s where New Generations comes it. You can consider us as an extension of your family who can assist with providing the additional care your family member needs throughout the day while you go to work or tend to other responsibilities.

Each of our adult day programs starts with forming a Person Centered Care Plan. This wellness plan is evaluated on an individual basis to determine what each participant both needs and wants. It’s not limited to their health either. Each plan takes into considering your loved one’s independence, autonomy, control, strengths, and preferences. We know the most important aspect of caregiving is identifying goals and developing plans that assist individuals in order to accomplish those goals.

Benefits Of Adult Day Care

  • Promote Independence
  • Socialization Opportunities
  • Trusted Care
  • Medication Management
  • Memory Care
  • Reduce Caregiver Stress
  • Physical Activities
  • Mental Stimulation

Enroll In Our Adult Day Programs

To learn more about our adult day programs and other care services, contact New Generations today. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have and help you and your loved one get started at either our Florence or Marion, South Carolina locations.