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Adult Day Care Advantages: No Separation Anxiety

Adult Day Programs

The Best of Both Worlds

Separation anxiety is a serious issue when it comes to adult day programs and care. When your loved one is emotionally attached to a family member, a spouse, or even a pet, making a transition to a nursing home facility can be detrimental to his or her health. Since most nursing homes feature full-time care, your loved won’t be able to see the people they see most on a regular basis. This can deteriorate their mental health and affect their happiness.

Because our adult care at New Generations is a daily care, you won’t have to worry about your loved one experiencing separation anxiety. With part-time individualized programs, your loved one can enjoy care and comfort during the day and still return home at night. This means they won’t have to change their lifestyle or adapt to a completely new environment.

Professional Care

Adult day care services at New Generations feature professional caregivers who tend to our members dietary restrictions, medication needs, physical requirements, and more. Not only are they trained to handle a variety of situations, but they’re also friendly and caring. Our caregivers can make your loved one feel right at home and help them maintain their individuality while offering genuine friendship and care.

Adult Day Programs

To learn more about our adult day programs and other care services, contact New Generations today. We’ll help you and your loved one get started at either our Florence or Marion, South Carolina locations.


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