Lower Cost

Lower Cost Care

A More Affordable Care Option

We know many people are on a budget and when you have a loved one who needs care, the last thing you want is care that will break your budget. At New Generations, we offer adult day care and special needs care that’s not only effective, but also affordable.

Part-Time Care

When South Carolinians turn to a nursing home for their loved one, they have to worry about the costs of full-time, 24-hour care. This can add up quickly and can cost thousands of dollars per month. With adult day care at our facility, however, your loved one can enjoy part-time care at a much lower cost.

Our three convenient locations feature quality programs with caregivers who make sure each and every person has the attention and the nurturing they need. Because this care is only during the day, you’ll pay a fraction of the cost of a full-time nursing home but with many of the same benefits.

Cost Of Care For One Month

Cost Chart
With New Generations, the average rate for our extensive range of services is only about $1,800 per month (25 hrs week), which is a fraction of the cost of a nursing home.

Quality You Can Count On

For years, New Generations has been at the forefront of quality care. We offer individualized care in a friendly and welcoming environment where your loved one can feel comfortable. Our trained professionals are always ready and willing to coordinate group activities, provide medication, create dietary plans, offer a friendly conversation, and much more. We’d love for you discover the difference of adult day care at New Generations. Give us a call to learn more.


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