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Senior Home Care Comparison

Senior Home Care

Choosing Between Senior Home Care and Day Care Programs

The need for extra care for an aging relative may be obvious, but knowing which type of service to choose can be difficult. It’s important to ensure that you make a decision that ultimately enhances your loved one’s wellbeing and contributes to their happiness. Senior home care and adult day care are both valuable, but each one has its own unique benefits.

Both senior home care and adult day care can provide medical assistance and the daily support your loved one requires. If you enroll in home care services, one of our personal caretaker comes to your house and looks after your loved one. This is very beneficial for those who require more structured care. If your elderly family member enjoys socializing you may decide to enroll them in our senior day care program. The decision to choose adult care requires thoughtful research and careful consideration. It helps to compare both options, services, and limitations before committing to any form of care.

What is In-Home Care?

Senior home care allows individuals to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. Rather than moving to an assisted living facility or nursing home, seniors are able to maintain their existing lifestyle to the best of their abilities. Our caretaker will help them with a variety of tasks including cleaning, medication management, shopping and meal preparation. They can also provide medical assistance and help your loved one get dressed, bathe and practice good personal hygiene. Senior home care costs will vary depending on the frequency and level of care required. In-home care can be full-time, part-time or only as needed. New Generations also offers adult day care programs which cost approximately $12 per hour and offer a range of fun activities and socialization opportunities for your loved one.

Home Care vs Senior Day Care

What is Senior Day Care?

For many seniors, living alone is difficult even with the help of a caretaker. Day care provides an affordable change of environment, opportunity to socialize and a variety of stimulating activities. The New Generations adult day care programs in Florence and Marion, South Carolina offer senior citizens a positive atmosphere filled with plenty of opportunities to socialize and partake in fun activities.

We also offer medication management, supervision, and assistance for individuals who have suffered a stroke or who have Alzheimer’s. Our goal is to help seniors maintain their unique identities and independence in a safe, structured environment. We believe it is beneficial for individuals to stay active and engaged with their local community.

Specialized Care

We provide a variety of specialized care services for our guests. Beyond simply providing your loved one a fun place to spend the day, we want to optimize their wellness and truly help them thrive. Our services include medication management from licensed nurses, Alzheimer’s, and dementia care programs.

Both day care and senior home care services look after your loved one’s physical health. For elderly people, medication often plays a large role in their wellness. Our nurse administered medical management ensures that your loved one always take their prescriptions on time. Neither you nor they will have to worry about forgetting when to take a medication, confusing prescriptions or taking the wrong dosage.

In our Memory Care Program, patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia are looked after and partake in activities that help delay the progression of symptoms. Compassionate staff members lead stimulating games and activities that improve communication and cognition. Individuals who are prone to wandering can safely attend our programs and maintain independence without jeopardizing their safety.

Nursing Support

Every New Generations facility has a registered nurse on site to provide any necessary medical care. Our regular staff members are also trained to understand the unique needs and conditions our guests have. You will never have to worry about your loved one’s safety if they attend our facility as they will always be watched over.

We pride ourselves on offering supervision without disregarding independence. Although some guests require assistance with feeding, bathroom visits, and personal hygiene, we encourage them to perform as many tasks as they safely can on their own.

Cost Effective

To make our adult day care programs more accessible to the families in our community, we have carefully structured our pricing and offer day care at a lower rate than senior home care. The same benefits are extended to all of our members, but our centralized locations make providing care more affordable for everyone. Senior home care costs more due to the exclusivity of the service. We’ve found a way to not only make our programs affordable but also provide high-level personal care that ensures every guest is valued, assisted, and supported individually.


Our guests are able to easily meet other senior members in the community, form new friendships, and stay socially active in their golden years. Isolation and depression are common among the elderly, and we make a point to promote social wellness and companionship among our program participants.

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Safety is Our First Priority

The thought of leaving your loved one at adult day care can be nerve-wracking. Senior home care may keep them closer, but it doesn’t provide them with as much of a chance to form meaningful new connections. Although anxiety is understandable, rest assured that New Generations prioritizes your relative’s well-being.

You need to trust the people who care for your loved one. Our program provides an open but secure environment that encourages autonomy and socialization without compromising personal safety. In addition to physical wellness, our trained staff of loving caretakers can also accommodate any special dietary restrictions or medical requirements your loved one may have. There is also a nurse on-site during all operating hours to provide assistance and medical care in the event of an emergency.

Senior Day Care Transportation

Another benefit of our senior day care program is no longer having to worry about how your loved ones will get to and from our facility. New Generation’s attendees all have access to our at-home pick-up and drop-off services to one of our Florence and Marion, SC facilities.

Sometimes, caretakers do not have the time or ability to transport their loved one to day care. Regardless of your situation or schedule, we can ensure that our coordinated pick-up and drop-off times line up with your work, school or other responsibilities. Our spacious, wheelchair-accessible vans are driven by friendly, welcoming drivers who will always greet your loved one with a smile.

Why Choose New Generations?

New Generations is a family-owned business that serves clients throughout multiple counties in South Carolina. We’re proud to be one of the largest adult day care operators in the country and have been helping seniors and special needs members of our community since 1998. We strive to enhance the quality of every participant’s life through the support of our nurturing staff and person-centered care plans.

We understand that caretakers have lives, too. Looking after your loved one is a full-time job, but you deserve a break. Our adult day care programs are here to provide your relative with all the attention and care they deserve while offering you a much-needed reprieve.

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