We No Longer Offer Adult Day Care Facility Services

Senior Day Care Centers Promote a Continued Lifestyle

Senior Day Care Centers Continued Lifestyle

Ensure Your Loved One Remains Happy

As we get older, we settle into a regular life routine that can become familiar and comfortable. If your loved one has done just this, the thought of senior day care programs may be intimidating to them. After all, they have a way of life that they’re used to, and they likely don’t want to disrupt it. At New Generations, we can help them continue their lifestyle so that they don’t have to change much at all. Our senior day care centers in Florence and Marion, SC have been delaying the need to place loved ones in long term care facilities or nursing homes since 1998.

Comfort and Care You Can Count On

Our senior day care centers are at two convenient locations in Florence and Marion, South Carolina. Each of which features a friendly, comfortable environment for your loved one. This means they won’t have to feel out of place or uneasy just because they’re not at home. In addition, each of our locations is staffed by caregivers who are available at any time to help our members continue their lifestyle. Whether it’s medication necessities, dietary restrictions, or simply a hobby that your loved one is passionate about, we offer individualized care that can help ease the transition into adult day care.

We Provide Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

At New Generations, our highly trained nurses and aides specialize in caregiving for individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Each member of our staff continues to receive ongoing education to ensure they are able to provide the best care possible.
While your loved one is attending one of our senior day care centers you can have peace of mind knowing we will be able to care for them just as you would. We can help deescalate stressful situations, mediate sundowners, and help ease tensions when confusion sets in.

The Importance of a Person Centered Care Plan

We know being a fulltime caregiver can take its toll. New Generations was created as an extension of your family. We are here to provide a much needed break to you while ensuring your senior loved one is well cared for.

We create a Person Centered Care Plan for each participant enrolled at our senior day care centers. It takes into consideration their preferences, wants, as well as their needs. At New Generations, creating and reaching goals is very important. Through person centered care planning, we ensure that we maximize each participants’ day to the fullest in an effort to pursue their goals and make their day exactly what they want it to be.

Person Centered Senior Day Care

Why Our Senior Day Care Centers Might Be Right For You

There are countless benefits to enrolling your loved one in an adult day care program. Along with their physical health, the mental health of your family member is critical. Attending New Generations regularly will provide them with socialization opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have. Our senior day care centers are considered a remedy for boredom and an antidote for loneliness, both of which plague the elderly community.

Each day is filled with fun activities and self esteem promoting events. For all of the members of our senior day care centers, mental, physical, and social interaction and stimulation are all equally important. Our calendar is filled with fun field trips and excursions along with age appropriate exercises.

Safety Is the #1 Priority at Our Senior Day Care Centers

In order to continue the lifestyle your family member has become accustomed to we place safety and security above all else. While you’re at work or tending to other responsibilities our team members will be watching over your loved one closely. We will assist with anything they need including feeding, toiling, medication management, physical therapy, and so much more.

Have You Considered Home Care?

If their needs require it, or you’d prefer that your loved one remain at home, New Generations also offers in-home care services. Our services are available 24/7/365 so no matter when you need us you can count on us to be there. From person care services such as feeding, toileting, incontinence care, bathing, dressing, and more to skilled nursing services such as insulin injections, catheter care, and medication administration our nurses and expertly trained aides can handle it all. You can even opt for a combination of adult day care and home care if that’s what works best for you.

Enroll At Our Senior Day Care Centers

If you’re looking for adult day care services for your loved one in the Florence and Marion, South Carolina area, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at New Generations. We’ll develop a program specific to your loved one’s wants and needs to help them feel comfortable and keep them happy.