Adult Day Care vs. Nursing Homes

As our elderly or disabled family members are confronted with caregiver issues and need help with everyday tasks, we want them to be in a place they’re comfortable with. New Generations Adult Day Centers provide individualized care in a friendly and welcoming facility. Here are a few reasons why our adult care center in Florence and Marion, South Carolina is a better choice than a nursing home for your loved ones:

Lower Cost

Many South Carolinians are on a budget, and with nursing home costs ranging anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000 per month, one can readily see how money spent on nursing home care accrues quickly. With New Generations, the average rate for our extensive range of caregiver services is only about $1,800 per month (25 hrs week), which is approximately a third of the cost of a nursing home.

Friendlier Environment

At New Generations, we make it possible to receive one-on-one care in a friendly, comfortable setting and still be able to spend time at home during the evening. Transitioning to a nursing home can be a disruptive change in someone’s life; studies confirm quality of life and client contentment are best maintained when institutionalized care can be avoided.

Continued Lifestyle

Many elderly citizens have a lifestyle that they’ve grown accustomed to. At New Generations, we assist individuals in whatever wants or needs they may have, including dietary restrictions, medication necessities, a passionate hobby they’re pursuing, and any other situation.

No Separation Anxiety

Moving to a nursing home can be stressful and the unfamiliar setting can bring feelings of loneliness and depression. When a resident has been emotionally attached to a spouse, family member or a pet for a long period of time, their mental health usually deteriorates when they are separated. With our adult day care provided by New Generations, clients and family members alike can take comfort in knowing they don’t have to be permanently separated from each other. Unlike nursing homes, participants can return back to their home in the evening hours.

Our Adult Care Center

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