Person-Centered Care Planning

A Focus on Individual Wants and Needs

At New Generations, we know that every individual is different, with different wants, needs, and beliefs. That’s why we believe strongly in person-centered care planning. The purpose of person-centered care planning is to allow individuals to determine what it means to be well and what is needed to achieve wellness.

A person-centered approach is not limited to an individual’s health, but also values independence, control, and autonomy. This is done by identifying the strengths, preferences, needs, and desired outcomes of the individual. Therefore, individuals at New Generations are offered choices with respect to their needs and these choices are the linchpin of person-centered planning.

At our adult day care center, we understand the importance of identifying goals, then developing care plans that assist individuals in obtaining those goals. This means that through person-centered care planning, we ensure that we maximize each participants’ day to the fullest in an effort to pursue their goals and make their day exactly what they want their day to be.

Please come meet with our staff and let us help you develop a person-centered care plan for you or your loved one.


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