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Special Needs Care Self-Confidence

Special Needs Services

Helping Your Loved One Grow

Many special needs individuals experience a lower self-confidence than others. This can affect their success, social relationships, and even their health. At New Generations, we want to help build and boost self-confidence in our special needs members. During our special needs services, we focus on things like:


Social interactions can help boost self-confidence in a variety of individuals. At Gary’s Gang, we plan out games and exercises that involve all members. In addition, we give individuals the opportunity for one-on-one interactions with our caregivers. When your loved one is able to build relationships with others, they’ll feel more comfortable with themselves. This can lead to even more social relationships and a boost in mentality.


Everyone has a talent; when you know what it is, you can build up your own self-confidence. At New Generations, we can help your loved one find what they love and what they’re good at. We promote and organize activities like drawing, crafts, scavenger hunts, bowling, baking, and more. These activities can stimulate creativity, joy, and an overall inner strength. And if your loved one already has a talent, we’re more than happy to support it! In the past, New Generations has been a part of various talent shows (and our Gary’s Gang individuals have won!).

Events & Outings

At New Generations, we’re always looking for new ways to have fun and boost self-confidence. That’s why our Gary’s Gang events calendar is filled with activities all month long. From trips to the mall to mixers to themed parties and more, there’s always something to do. When you choose our special needs services, your loved one will be able to experience new things and learn new skills.

Special Needs Services

If you’re interested in our Gary’s Gang program for your special needs loved one, contact us today to learn more.