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Fun Activities for Disabled Adults

Activities for Disabled Adults

Activities for Disabled Adults

In addition to boosting self-confidence and focusing on communication and socialization, here at New Generations we just love to have fun. All of the member of our special needs day care program (aka Gary’s Gang) have the opportunity to take part in a variety of exciting activities for disabled adults which take place daily both in and away from our facility. Here’s more information about a few of the most popular:

Community Outings

The Gary’s Gang wing of New Generations is proud of the fact they can coordinate a number of different community outings for our members. Opportunities for shopping, eating out and watching movies are all fun things that Gary’s Gang loves to do. One of the most popular fun activities for disabled adults is our famous “Take Out Tuesday”, where we pick a certain restaurant and enjoy a nice meal.

Crafting Activities

When your loved one is part Gary’s Gang, they will also have the opportunity to enjoy a number of different crafting activities. We always try to make the crafts center around current events. For example, in the winter we craft snowmen, and in the summer, we make fashionable hula skirts. There are always fun craft activities taking place at New Generations. It’s our mission to make your loved one feel creative and special.

The Showcasing of Different Talents

At Gary’s Gang, our members are nothing if not talented. At New Generations Adult Day Center, we are dedicated to getting to know each and every client on a personal level. We know that focusing on what they are good at will foster strong high self-esteem. This is why Gary’s Gang not only has a number of activities for your loved one to enjoy, but we also take part in many local talent shows. Spoiler alert: we won first place!

Bowling Extravaganza

Gary’s Gang realizes that bowling parties can be a delightful way to foster togetherness, not to mention that it is just a lot of fun. When we consider activities for disabled adults this is often tops on the list because it also helps engage in movement therapy.

If you’d like more information on Gary’s Gang and what takes place at New Generations on a daily basis, please feel free to contact us today. We’d be more than happy to discuss the details with you on a call, or better yet invite you to the facility so you can see for yourself!