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Communication & Socialization

Special Needs Program

How Our Special Needs Program Works

At New Generations, we believe that communication and socialization are important for every individual. That’s why our Gary’s Gang special needs program focuses on building and improving connections. We can help your loved one better their language delays, cognitive developments, friendships, and more.

Personalized Programs

When you sign your loved one up for Gary’s Gang, we’ll first get to know them. Once we understand their level of interaction, we’ll create a personalized program for them. Over time, we’ll help them develop skills that they can use at home, at school, and in everyday life. Our caregivers are trained in a wide variety of special needs conditions. We understand communication and socialization can vary due to age, environment, education, and more. We’ll help your loved one succeed and grow in a comfortable, loving setting.

Activities & Interactions

At Gary’s Gang, we work hard to make learning as enjoyable as possible. That’s why we incorporate a variety of daily activities and interactions into our special needs program. We focus on language basics, team-building exercises, communication games, and more. In addition, we also plan fun outings and parties to enhance social opportunities. No matter what their needs, we want to make sure your loved one gets the most out of our program.

Whether your loved one has autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, or another disability, our Gary’s Gang program is here to help. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly experts!