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Special Needs Care

Special Needs Daycare in Florence and Marion

When it comes to special needs daycare, we offer a program called Gary’s Gang that not only offers one-on-one care for your loved one, but helps them improve various aspects of their everyday life. In addition, our caregivers make Gary’s Gang a place for both learning and fun in our Florence and Marion, South Carolina locations.

What We Focus On

Communication & Socialization

At New Generations in Florence and Marion, we know that communication can be tough for those with special needs, which is why our caregivers work to promote it through daily interactions. Whether your loved one has a delay in language or cognitive development or simply shies away from conversation, our staff members are here to help them feel comfortable and improve their communication skills.

In addition to communication, we like to promote new interactions and new friendships through improved socialization. Our professionals have developed a variety of daily activities that can not only help your loved one’s learning process, but can also help them socialize and build relationships with others.


Self-confidence affects many types of disorders, from cerebral palsy to Down Syndrome to Autism and more. With the encouragement of our caregivers, however, we can help your loved one improve their self-confidence. At New Generations, we help our members develop their own unique personalities and increase their independence so they feel comfortable in everything they do.


At Gary’s Gang, we’re all about having fun and enjoying life. While we have as much fun as we can indoors, we often like to plan exciting, supervised outings like bowling, trips to the mall, holiday parties, themed monthly events, Special Olympics, and more. We love making Gary’s Gang a place where everyone can both learn and have a great time.

Special Needs Daycare Services

If our Gary’s Gang program sounds perfect for your loved one, contact us today to learn more about our special needs services in Florence and Marion, SC.