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Adult Day Care Solutions

At New Generations, we’re a proud provider of adult day care services for a wide range of individuals in the Florence and Marion, South Carolina areas. We know that caring for a loved one can take a toll on family members, and our day care service can provide a much-needed break as well as benefits for your loved one. Those who attend one of our Adult Day Centers will enjoy a friendly, comfortable environment filled with activities and socialization in addition to medical monitoring.

Our New Generations day care is a planned program of activities for individuals 18 years or older who require supportive care during the day but not 24-hour care, so they can return home in the evenings. The purposes of the social and health-related activities are to provide mental and physical stimulation and enhance self-esteem. We take our caregiver responsibilities very seriously and genuinely care about your loved one.

Adult Day Care Center in Florence and Marion SC

Our Philosophy

We believe our elderly and disabled population should receive only the best in health care. That’s why we offer caregiver services to our clients in a safe, enjoyable facility. We want to provide both our clients and their family members with a dependable and professional health care service.

Our MIssion

Our Mission

Our goal is to improve and enhance the quality of life of each of our clients in the Florence and Marion, SC areas. We also work to make sure that every client maintains the highest possible level of independence. Our dedicated staff members strive to offer care which supports the dignity and respect to which each human being is entitled.

Adult Care

Long-Distance Caregiving

In today’s mobile society, long-distance caregiving is becoming increasingly necessary. At New Generations in Florence and Marion, we will help you decide if and when your loved ones need care and how to prepare and plan for this important and emotional decision.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We are committed to supporting better health through reliable and trustworthy caregivers who promote client independence. Accompanying this commitment is the expertise of licensed nurses and trained professional caregivers who provide the respect and dignity our clients deserve.

Home Care Services

Home care services provided by New Generations range from skilled nursing options to sitter services. We are available 24/7 to help your elderly or special needs loved one while you’re at work or running errands. Our staff of caring, professional, and dedicated individuals are ready to help you and your family in any way you need.

We would never send someone to your home that we wouldn’t send to our own. All of our home care employees are carefully selected. Each undergoes a rigorous screening process prior to employment. This screening process includes drug testing, competency evaluation, and a criminal background check. Each member of our team is also CPR certified and receives ongoing in-service training.

Our home care services are all encompassing. We take care of all of your loved one’s daily requirements such as bathing, toileting, dressing, feeding, and so much more. Our skilled nursing supervisors can also provide care for more complex medical needs. No matter what your loved one requires, the one thing they will always receive from our home care services is companionship.

We’re Committed To Care

We are pleased to announce that New Generations has partnered with Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, and Drexel University on an exciting new nationwide research study. This study entitled, “Adult Day Services Plus” is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. The purpose of the study is to help family caregivers of individuals with dementia manage daily care challenges while taking care of themselves.

This will continue the ongoing effort by New Generations to not only care for the participants that attend our facility but also their families.

Our Mission

“To improve the quality of life and maintain a maximal level of independence for each client and family we serve.”

Adult Day Care Advantages

Adult Day Care Cost


With New Generations, the average rate for our extensive range of caregiver services in Florence and Marion is only about $1,800 per month (25 hrs week), which is approximately a third of the cost of a nursing home.

A Friendly Environment

A Friendly Environment

We make it possible to receive top-of-the-line care in a comfortable setting while also enjoying fun daily activities and exercises.

Continuing a Lifestyle

Continuing a Lifestyle

With New Generations, we assist individuals in whatever wants or needs they may have, whether it’s dietary restrictions, medication necessities, a passionate hobby, or other situations.

No Separation Anxiety

No Separation Anxiety

With the day care service provided by New Generations, clients and family members alike can take comfort in knowing they don’t have to be permanently separated from each other.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Adult Day Care program, download our brochure. You’ll find detailed information about the program and its benefits at both our Florence and Marion locations.

Our Philosophy

“Please allow our professional staff to give compassionate and loving care for you loved one in a safe and friendly environment while remaining active in the community.”

Gary’s Gang

At New Generations, we have a wonderful program called “Gary’s Gang,” which focuses on helping those with special needs. Gary’s Gang was named in memory of our founder, Gail Belissary’s, late autistic son. It features programs directed towards all levels of learning disabilities, with exercises ranging from reinforcing personal care and hygiene to developing social skills and personal interaction.

Our Gary’s Gang caretakers help special needs adults maintain their sense of individual identity, independence and self-esteem with various organized activities. Currently, it’s the only program of its kind in the Pee Dee area and it’s growing every year!


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